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eLearning - The Future of Life Sciences Job Oriented Skilling & Professional Education – Bridging Urban Rural Divide

Post COVID19 eLearning technologies triggered the process of level playing field in the professional life sciences training and skilling space. eLearning education in pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare sector can help in reaching out to the students in all districts and towns, where students cannot come to the major cities to study due to the increasing costs, socio economic factors and other logistical reasons.

Easier Training

Training students have become easier with the help of eLearning technology with specialized skilling and professional training institutions are successfully creating the regional eLearning models with the use of new franchise learning centers. Various specialized industry software's can be used through cloud technology in delivering job-oriented trainings pan India. Whether a student pursues education from a small town in North, north east, south, west or eastern India, technology is helping them to acquire job-oriented skills.

With eLearning training rural students of India are made job ready with higher qualifications work. Apart from this, eLearning provides the students with opportunities to graduate from a foreign university with the comfort of their home

Distance learning is another opportunity eLearning provides the student. eLearning proffers the students the best professors in the world without any hassle allowing them to graduate in courses like life sciences that have multiple opportunities abroad.

It is a medium of education that saves immense time as the concept of travel does not exist thus allows students of rural India to have more time to learn the concepts of life sciences. With eLearning the future of rural India will flourish and raise the employment rate of people in India.

Access to Best Faculty

eLearning allows institutions to access best industry experts and top faculty from various parts of India and the rest of the world. This helps students to learn from the best at lower costs.

Cost Efficient

eLearning helps to bring down the learning cost in the skilling and professional training space as the cost to travel from one’s place of stay to university or travelling abroad is not applicable in case of this mode of learning. Apart from this, learning by travelling far away from home increases the cost as students also have to worry about accommodation and food; however, these expenses are reduced with the help of eLearning as it allows students to learn at their own pace, place and time.

For a rural India, eLearning brings in a ray of hope for brighter education at a preferably lower cost than in-person education with the same or enhanced education on life sciences.

With the launch of 5G internet services, delivering eLearning online education would be more impactful and would bring down the learning cost. eLearning educates students through online medium with the use of internet thus reduces the cost of students as the training fees is much lower when compared to the traditional education.

Job Placements

In addition to providing technical and scientific training, technology now allows to prepare program participants for the jobs in the corporate sector, this includes conducting group discussions, mock interviews, communication skills, poster presentations, aptitude tests and finally arranging interviews with the companies. This process provides confidence to the students for the jobs in the corporate sector. This process has increased the employment opportunities for the students from the rural India and smaller towns.

Immense Support

Government's support for eLearning certifications is helping both industry and students. The growth and building of new franchise learning centers and institutions in rural areas will be able to reach even the smaller towns and villages. eLearning not only provides the rural students with opportunities but also engages in rise in employment rate as need of eLearning brings in the demand for more franchises thus, eLearning provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own franchise learning centers in rural India and connect with the major learning institutions in the life sciences, pharma, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, business analytics and other areas.

eLearning allows students to learn and understand the aspects of life sciences like clinical research, data management, business analytics, pharmacovigilance & drug safety, medical writing, biostatistics, SAS, medical devices and regulatory through online medium and gives access to the contents of information ranging from audios, video recordings. eLearning supports students learning pattern and allows access to all contents 24/7.

Cliniminds eLearning Environment

Cliniminds offers robust integrated eLearning environment, which takes cares of all learning and placement needs of the candidates. This includes live training sessions with senior industry experienced faculty, eBooks and reference material, audio video recordings, online examination, pre placement trainings & mock interviews, complete admission records, certificates & transcripts and training and access to industry Softwares.

Hope this article may have answered your queries and will help you in choosing the right program and institute for your career.

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