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Indian Clinical Research Industry
Indian Clinical Research Industry
India today unarguably is the most favoured destination for the pharmaceutical R&D and clinical research The key reasons area:
  • 100 million plus English speaking people (Largest outside US)
  • Over 2 million science post graduates
  • Large pool of treatment- naïve patients from multiethnic and multiracial backgrounds
  • Easy patient recruitment and compliance
  • Favourable Regulatory Policies – Updated Schedule Y
  • IPR / WTO, GATT on board
  • Cost effective business operations
  • International regulatory approvals for GMP/GLP/GCP
  • Maximum number of approved GMP plants outside USA
  • Excellent quality management, Technology and infrastructure
  • Time zone difference facilities 24/7 support
  • Presence of all Pharma major & also in-house CROs set up by leading pharma companies
  • Presence of all leading international CROs and several domestic CROs – over 75 CROs
  • Strong IT industry availability of IT skilled manpower
  • 30 million patients with cardiovascular diseases
  • 25 million with Type 2 diabetes
  • 10 million with psychiatric disorders
  • 2 million cases of cancer with 500,000 cases detected every year
  • 600,000 practicing physicians
  • 14,000 hospitals
  • 700,000 beds
  • 17,000 medical graduates per year
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