How to Choose the Right Life Sciences Skilling Institute for You

How to choose the right life sciences skilling institute

The objective of this article is to help students in analyzing various parameters before selecting the right job-oriented skilling institute.

Choosing the right life sciences skilling and professional training institute is key to success in your entire career. While selecting an institute, the right decision will lead you to the top of the industry, whereas wrong decision may not get you the right opportunities and may impact your career. Especially when you are searching for some Job oriented courses and learning skills for job placements is critical.

It is unfortunate that many students get into the trap of institutes who does not have right competence and credentials to provide such job-oriented skilling programs. Lower fees is the only attraction they have. These institutes not only make false promises about the programs but also misguide the aspirants about their career paths, just to sell their courses at low fee. As a result, many students fall into their trap and end up selecting the wrong institutions and wrong courses and frustration thereafter.

Before you make the decision about any course or career path, it is very important to delve deeper and find out the right course and institute. We at Cliniminds are committed to guide every aspirant in selecting the suitable course and career path. Through our 18+ years of journey, and hundreds of years of collective team experience, we have developed a very transparent policy based on our intention of becoming a true partner in your career growth. This helped us become the most preferred Life Sciences Skilling & Training Institute in India and won us many accolades. However, our biggest achievement is thousands of success stories of our students gainfully employed in the life sciences sector.

There are a few parameters, every institute must be tested upon, before selecting them as your career partner. Let’s understand the factors, students must verify before selecting their course and institute.

EXPERIENCE: There are large numbers of institutions mushrooming today, but the advantage always goes with institutions surviving and growing for longer years. The reason behind this is experience, better connections and understanding of the industry in terms of program design faculty and placements. Cliniminds is successfully training and placing students since 2004. It has created the strongest presence in Clinical research and allied industry.

Accreditations: is one factor, which matters the most when it comes to placement and career growth. Apart from students’ knowledge, the industry also gives weightage to the accreditation of the program. An aspirant must check with the institution, whether they and their programs are accredited by the relevant authority. Cliniminds is the only institute in India to be accredited by LSSSDC - Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council and ACCRE, USA.

FACULTY PROFILE: It is the faculties, which make all the difference in any institute. How well is the program designed or big and famous the institute is, If the present team of faculty in any particular institution are not highly educated and updated on concurrent Industry trends, the institute cannot be considered the right institute. Best faculty has always been the utmost priority for Cliniminds and thus we have a team of highly qualified top industry professionals as our faculty. This is one of the reasons that we have been able to place more than 9000 students till now.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE & PRACTICAL TRAINING: Program structures is one of the most important factor. This comes with experience of the institution in working closely with the industry. Programs which are linked with the job roles are likely to succeed. Usage of industry softwares and training content is most critical. For example integrating pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, clinical data management, eTMF, SAS, Python, Tableau, Advance Excel with the related programs is critical. Cliniminds has integrated these elements in all its programs. Programs with built in internships are critical for the success of the program. It is important that institute provides the quality course content to each student and has credible Learning Management System.

CAREER COUNSELLING / GUIDANCE: Choosing any career path depends on various factors, ranging from self-analysis/interest, observation, following our friends or seniors, or guidance from someone. In many instances It may be the right decision, but not always. Especially when guided by a non-industry non-experienced person. It becomes a matter of serious concern when any aspirant is misguided by any institute just to sell their courses. One must be aware of such institutes. We at Cliniminds have developed such a strong fundamental that many times we prefer to advise candidates against any specific program rather proposing a wrong program. We believe that opting for a wrong or inappropriate program may impact your career negatively. Our counsellors are highly industry experience and trained to analyze and propose only the program which is right for your career.

PLACEMENT RECORDS: Before carelessly relying on Ads, posts, or images claimed by any institutes, you should ask for a reference and must try to connect with the candidates and ask for authenticity. Cliniminds is committed to its policy of transparency and hence shares LinkedIn profiles of students placed for reference. Our students provide independent testimonials which may help you in making the right decision.

FACT CHECK: FACT CHECK: One must cross-check the facts any institute is showing as their achievements. You should spend some time researching and authenticating the facts. As a policy Cliniminds is very transparent and provides complete details of its offerings so that the aspirants can cross-check the facts.

LOWER FEE: Lower fee should not be the only criteria for selecting the institute for job oriented programs. To deliver the high quality programs you need to invest in proper accreditations & certifications, placement support, content/books, software training, internships, top class full time faculties and industry trainers, technology platforms, communication skills. As a potential student, please check these features in any program.

Hope this article may have answered your queries and will help you in choosing the right program and institute for your career.

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