Cliniminds Academics Advisory Board

Cliniminds Academics Advisory Board consists of eminent professionals from the Life Sciences, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry. These members bring different areas of expertise in the life sciences sector.

Cliniminds work very closely with the Academic Advisory Board on industry-academia issues, program upgrades, aligning programs with industry requirements.

Some of the key members are:

  • Dr. Suneet Sood, Professor of Surgery, International Medical University, Malaysia
  • Mr. Paul Benninger, Alliance Director – Global Business Excellence, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Canada
  • Mr. Amit Ananpara, Managing Director & Executive Member of the Board, Innoplexus Consulting, Germany
  • Dr. Sumit Verma, Director, Soterius Life Sciences, USA 
  • Dr. Amit Garg, Senior Director, Medical | Clinical | Strategy & Planning | Training & Education, Terumo India
  • Dr. Sandeep Bhatia, Vice President, Healthcare Ecosystem, Innoplexus
  • Dr. Arun Gupta, Director, AyuSwasth, India 
  • Mr. Sanjay Bansal, Founder & Managing Partner, Aurum Equity Partners LLP, India 
  • Dr. Mohd Fadli Bin Mohd Asmani, Deah, School of Pharmacy, Management & Science University, Malaysia 
  • Dr. Devesh Kumar, Founder & Director, IR Innovate Research 
  • Dr. A. Indani, Medical Devices Expert