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  • Clinical Research Industry: Research globally is US$240 billion industry. Clinical Trials constitute over US$45 billion. Indian industry is currently is about US$1 billion, growing at 20% per annum. It employs over 15,000+ professionals in India, and every year over 5,000 new professionals are required.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Pharmacovigilance employs over 7,500 professionals at this stage. Every year industry needs over 5,000 new professionals. All major pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing pharmacovigilance operations from India. By year 2020, size of the global Pharmacovigilance industry would be over US$15 billion, out of which India’s share would be close to 25%.
  • Medical & Scientific Writing: Over US$1 billion industry size. India is at the forefront and has major global market share. Over 2,000 new professionals are required each year, with very speak skills.
  • Clinical Data Management & SAS: – most global pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing their clinical data management activity from India. Over 5,000 new professionals are hired by the companies each year in this segment. Over all life / health sciences industry is growing at over 25% per annum, fastest growing industry.
  • Healthcare Industry: Current size of the Indian Healthcare industry is about US$100 billion, growing at 20% per annum. This includes, hospitals, specialized clinics, diagnostic labs, specialized health / life style centres, health insurance companies, NGOs,
This is completely misleading. After 2012/13 Supreme Court Case, entire set of new regulations have been implemented which ensures safety of subjects, audio-video informed consent, registration of ethics committees, patient compensation, speedy approvals, and now accreditation of ethics committees, sites and investigators. Currently over 700 trials are being conducted in India by various Indian and multinational companies. Clinical trials are growing at a rapid pace again. Moreover, Pharmacovigilance and other areas are not impacted by this, as these opportunities are independent of clinical trials. These outsourcing projects have no correlation with any Indian regulations.
YES absolutely. Fresh graduates / post graduates are rather preferred for the entry level positions. However, companies clearly want fresh graduates / post graduates to have special skills and necessary certification / diploma in the related field. Companies are not keen to provide more training to the new employees, due to the increasing projects.
Yes there are significant opportunities in the field of clinical trials, pharmaocvigilance, medical writing, healthcare management, and health insurance with long term career growth.
MBBS / MD – would start typically as Drug Safety Physician, Medical Reviewer or in Aggregate Reporting or in the Hospital Management positions.
BDS/ BHMS/BAMS/BPT/MPT would start as Drug Safety Associates and after few years’ experience would grow into the higher positions. There are several positions in the hospital management and health insurance as well.
There are ample job opportunities in clinical trials, medical writing and pharmacovigilance, drug regulatory affairs and clinical data management with proper long term career growth.
What are the opportunities for fresh B.Sc. /B.Tech / M.Sc. / M.Tech Biotech, Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, etc.
There are ample opportunities in clinical research, clinical data management, healthcare & hospital management, health insurance, SAS and drug regulatory affairs. In pharmacovigilance jobs, first preference is given to the medical and pharmacy graduates and post graduates.
MBBS/MD – Rs.7 lakh to Rs.12 lakhs BDS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT – Rs.2.5 to Rs.3 lakhs per annum
B.Pharm/M.Pharm/PharmD – Rs.2.3 lakh to Rs.3 lakh per annum
B.Sc. / B.Tech / M.Sc. – Rs.2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs
Annual salary increments are close to 20%, depending upon the company policy.
Clinical Research: Clinical Research Coordinator, Trainee Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Associate.
Pharmacovigilance: Drug Safety Associate, Drug Safety Physician, Data Analyst, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Process Associate.
Clinical Data Management / SAS: Data Analyst, Clinical Data Analyst, Clinical Data Coordinator, Process Associate, Clinical Data Associate.
Medical Writing: Medical Writer, Medical & Scientific Writer, Content Writer, Scientific Writer.
Hospital Management: Operations; Health Insurance Management; Floor Management; Clinical Services Management.
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Yes absolutely, Cliniminds provides excellent placement support to its students. Cliniminds has been providing job placements in this industry since 2005. Over 6,000 students have been placed till date. Our placement process is very comprehensive. We prepare students for the core specialization, job roles, interviews, written tests, group discussions, personality development, communication skills and much more. After this training, we arrange interviews with the employers. We provide interview support to the student till the time they are placed.
Yes, we have Equal Placement Opportunity Program. So we do provide the placement support and arrange interviews for Online/Distance Learning students. From time to time we conduct special sessions to train our students to appear for interviews.
Internships are provided to the fresh graduates after completion of the 3 months class room program. However, if you are able to qualify for the job interview, you may directly join the job. In some programs internships are mandatory.
Yes all the internships are provided with various companies. Some companies pay the stipend during the period and some don’t. This is the company policy and we do not have any control on this issue.
Yes, once you acquire experience in India, you could explore international opportunities. You must ensure that you qualify the immigration criteria for that country or your employer should be able to get you the work permit. Markets like North America, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East offer significant opportunities.
Once you acquire sufficient experience, this sector offers ample business / entrepreneurship opportunities. Last 15 years have produced hundreds of successful startups in the life / health sciences domain. This has helped India in becoming an attractive destination for outsourcing in the life / health sciences domain
Yes all the internships are provided with various companies. Some companies pay the stipend during the period and some don’t. This is the company policy and we do not have any control on this issue.
Cliniminds is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education, United States and Pharmaceutical Society of India, not for profit Industry academia society. These are industry accreditations, which reflects that we are following industry guidelines and standards. In today’s business scenario, it is important to address the training needs of the industry in such professional programs.
No – these programs are out of the ambit of AICTE / UGC. As of now these programs are not there in the AICTE / UGC list. Hence, there is no need to apply to AICTE/UGC as of now.
There are limited government jobs in this sector. Over 95% job opportunities are in the private sector. Government has their own recruitment policies, and vacancies are published on the website of CDSCO, Government of India or State Drug Controllers’ websites from time to time
This depends upon the opportunities which are available from time to time. At times there are attractive job opportunities with good employers may not be located in your city. In such situations it is advisable to relocate. Also acquiring experience in the other cities would help be helpful in long run when you are ready for middle to senior management positions. Companies professional with the broad exposure open for relocation.
In the online/distance learning program you would receive printed books, online access to all study material through our learning system, all exams online, software training (optional), and assured placement support. All online programs are accredited and certified. Certificate does not carry the word ‘Online’. In the Live eLearning mode, in addition to above online/distance benefits, you would also receive live eClasses with senior industry experts. There are not recorded sessions. Assured placement support is provided. Program coordinator would discuss with the schedule and plan the sessions accordingly.
Working professionals are provided customized placement solutions. The customization is done by our recruitment / HR experts keeping in view the experience, qualification and interest of the candidate. However, salary growth is always discussed between you and employer. We always try to get you better job profile / salary in comparison to your existing. However, in case you are changing the field to totally new domain salary may again be subject to discussion between you and employer.
Yes, final year students can apply and join the program. However, you need to produce your result/degree/course completion certificate from the University before your placement interviews are conducted.
You would receive an email with your person user id log in and password. Once you log in, you could change your password. After log in you would be able to see your program modules, presentations, notes and link to test. Test would only be activated, once you have opened your online presentations and notes. Upon completion of all the online tests successfully, you would receive the Online Certificate on email after 48 hours of completion of tests.
Upon completion of all the online tests successfully, you would receive the Online Certificate on email after 48 hours of completion of tests. Printed & Signed original certificate and transcript would be sent within 15 days of the program completion by courier at your registered address.
For the classroom programs, you would receive the certificate & transcript after successful completion of your program. You would receive both digital copy and original printed and signed copy.
Duration of the program varies from program to program. Kindly refer to the specific program brochure / prospectus or speak with the Counselling team.