Selecting the right institute and program is key to success in your professional life. The right program from the right institute can help us in reaching the top of your career. At the same time selecting a non-accredited program from a non-authorized institute without a proper background check or just based on lucrative and false promises or low fee offers may ruin your career or may force you to reinvest your money and time to study the same program again, leaving you to fall behind in the race of life. Thus, it is very important to analyze the program and institute on various parameters before enrolling into that. Today we will discuss a few factors, which may be taken into consideration or avoided while selecting any program or institute.


While searching for any Job/Career oriented program, it must be checked whether the program is accredited by any Government authority or some International organization of repute with global acceptance. It should also be verified, whether the program is aligned with industry requirements and accepted by them or not. The simplest way is to check the placement track record of the institute. Here you can analyze the acceptance of the program of the institute by companies


In the present market every organization are claiming to be the best, even with very less or no track record. It becomes very important to do a fact check of the institute before enrolling into their program. There are a few parameters any institute must be tested upon.

  • Background : The background of any institute matters the most. The people behind the organization and their vision decides the foundation and ethics of the organization. You should check whether the founders are from a similar background and dedicated towards the industry or it’s just a money-making organization.
  • History : The history of any organization is very important to be checked. The institute with a longer presence in the market proves its acceptance by the industry.
  • Placement record : Always ask for the placement record of the institute. A good record reflects that its programs and well-designed and accepted by the industry and the team of trainers are well qualified.
  • Feedback : Try to get feedback from the ex-students and industry people, who have been part of the institute. They are the people who give you a clear idea about the institute.
  • Accreditation : This is the most important part of any program. A degree without any accreditation has no value in the real world. You must check for any govt or international accreditation of the program, the institute is offering.
  • Industry Acceptance : Any program without acceptance from the industry is of no value. You must enquire, how well the students of the institute are absorbed/hired by the industry. Institutes with good placement records should easily be trusted. Students should not select any institute without proper placement records.

Any program/institute should never be rejected or selected just based on Fee. If you find the fee of any institute high, you should give it a consideration that why in this competitive world they have kept their fee high from others. There are various factors, which make the program higher. So rather than deciding just on fee, you should go to analyze the value proposition of the program. You should consider the following point before rejecting any program/institute.

  • Program design
  • Accreditation
  • Faculty
  • Live projects/Internship
  • Industry linkages
  • Placement Support
  • Hiring Companies
  • Salary offered after the program
  • Career growth of the past students

This is the one of most important factor, which makes any program/institute eligible to be selected by students. You must ask the institute to share their recent placement records with the LinkedIn profile of the students. Institute must provide continuous placement assistance and arrange interviews with the recruiters. Ask their process of placements, cv writing, preplacement training, mock interviews, aptitude test prep and many other preplacement activities.


Counselling plays a very important role in selecting the right program or right career. The students should always consult a person with proper industry knowledge and exposure. They should never select any institute or program just on the advice of a friend or family, who are not an industry expert. Rather you should consult experts from any reputed institute or a career counsellor.


If any organization is not offering a program with proper certification authorized by any Government body or accreditation organization, you should avoid enrolling in such programs.


You should always look for some additional facilities/support with the program. Such as

  • Multiple Certification
  • Live projects
  • Real Software training
  • Industry Internship
  • Pre-Placement training
  • Assure Placement support

Rajesh k Singh has 20+ years of experience in education and allied industry. He has worked with many universities and institutes of repute in teaching & senior management positions. Mr Singh has vast experience in career counselling. He loves guiding students in selecting the right career path. His guidance has helped many students to achieve better career goals in their life.

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