Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in CDISC SAS (Advanced Clinical SAS)

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CDISC SAS (Advanced Clinical SAS)
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CDISC SAS (Advanced Clinical SAS) Course Details


Unlock Your Future in Clinical Research and Clinical SAS with Cliniminds

Introduction to the Evolving World of Clinical Research

The global clinical trials industry, valued at over US$50 billion, is on a steep upward trajectory, with a growth rate exceeding 12% annually. This surge is creating an insatiable demand for a specialized and skilled workforce in Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, Biostats, and SAS. Cliniminds, a pioneering institute accredited by ACCRE-USA and the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC), offers a Certificate Program in Clinical Research & Clinical SAS that prepares students for this booming sector.

Comprehensive Program Structure

Cliniminds program is meticulously designed to cover every crucial aspect of Clinical SAS and Clinical Research, ensuring our graduates are industry-ready. Here’s a snapshot of the course structure:

  • Introduction to CDISC: Familiarizing students with the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) to streamline clinical trial data and improve efficiency.
  • Detailed Overview and Hands-On Training: From CT Protocol and CRF to TFL Shell creation, our program offers an in-depth look at each step involved in clinical trials, supplemented by practical exercises like CRF Annotation and dataset specification preparation.
  • Real-World Application: Learners get to create Sample SDTM and ADaM, understand the nuances of .XPT files for regulatory submission, and engage with software like the P21 tool for data validation.
  • Preparation for the Future: The course includes an overview of regulatory submission packages, ensuring students are well-versed in the end-to-end process of clinical trial data management.

Career Prospects Post Certification

Graduates of the Cliniminds program have a wide array of career paths to choose from, including:

  • Clinical SAS Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • SAS Programmer
  • Senior SAS Programmer

Cliniminds eLearning mode, coupled with live sessions and full-time faculty alongside industry experts, ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Eligibility and Methodology

We welcome aspirants from diverse backgrounds, including B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, Pharm.D, Nursing, BSc, MSc, B.Tech in Biotech, M.Tech in Biotech, BDS, MDS, BHMS, BAMS, BPT, and MBBS. The methodology incorporates live eLearning sessions, periodic SAS code writing practice, and extensive use of Cliniminds Learning Management System for a holistic educational journey.

Unmatched Placement Support

Cliniminds’ commitment to our students extends beyond education. With assured interview opportunities, pre-placement training, and direct interactions with recruiters, we ensure that our graduates are not just prepared for the industry but are also presented with the best opportunities to start their careers.

Accreditation and Certification

Cliniminds program is accredited by the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) and the Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education (ACCRE) in the USA, ensuring that our certification is recognized globally and adds significant value to our students’ career prospects.

Join Us to Step into the Future of Clinical Research

With over 8500+ professionals trained and successfully placed in the industry, Cliniminds is not just an institute; it’s a gateway to your future in the burgeoning field of clinical research and SAS programming. Cliniminds detailed curriculum, expert faculty, and comprehensive support system equip you with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry.

Diagram: Course Structure Overview

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By enrolling in our program, you're not just gaining a qualification; you're stepping into a realm of endless possibilities, ready to make a significant impact in the world of clinical research and data management. Welcome to Cliniminds, where your future in clinical research and SAS programming begins.

 FAQs: Certificate Program in CDISC SAS (Advanced Clinical SAS)

What is the Certificate Program in CDISC SAS (Advanced Clinical SAS)?

The Certificate Program in CDISC SAS, offered by Cliniminds, is an advanced course designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge in Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standards and Statistical Analysis System (SAS) programming. It focuses on preparing individuals for a career in clinical research and data analysis, covering topics from SDTM and ADaM guidelines to regulatory submission processes.

Who is eligible for the program?

Eligible candidates include graduates and professionals from a wide range of fields such as Pharmacy (B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, Pharm.D), Nursing, Life Sciences (BSc, MSc), Biotechnology (B.Tech, M.Tech), Dental Science (BDS, MDS), Homeopathy (BHMS), Ayurveda (BAMS), Physiotherapy (BPT), and Medicine (MBBS). Professionals currently working in Pharma, Clinical Research, or Biotech companies are also encouraged to apply.

What makes this program unique?

This program stands out due to its accreditation by the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) and the Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education (ACCRE) in the USA. It is India’s first eSkilling PG Program in this domain, offering dual certification from LSSSDC and a Post Graduate Diploma from Cliniminds upon successful completion.

What career options are available after completing the program?

Graduates can pursue various roles within the clinical research and data analysis sector, including Clinical SAS Programmer, Data Analyst, SAS Programmer, and Senior SAS Programmer. The program is designed to meet the growing demands of the clinical trials industry, ensuring a wide range of employment opportunities.

What is the learning methodology?

The program utilizes a blend of live eLearning sessions, periodic SAS code writing practice, evaluation, related software training, and access to a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) by Cliniminds. It includes eBooks, audio and video recordings, PPT notes, and modules to support the learning process.

How does the program support placements?

Cliniminds provides extensive placement support, including assured interviews, pre-placement training, pitching CVs to recruiters, and arranging interviews with companies. The institute’s strong industry connections and reputation significantly enhance job placement opportunities for graduates.

What are the program’s payment options?

Participants can pay their fees through various methods, including NEFT, UPI, Card Payment, Cash, Cheque, or Education Loan. International payments can be made via PayPal, ensuring accessibility for participants from different geographic locations.

How can I apply or learn more about the program?

For more information or to apply, contact Cliniminds through their mobile numbers (+91 9560102589, 9810068241, 9910068241) or via email at Further details are also available on their website,

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