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Medical and Scientific Content Writing
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Medical and Scientific Content Writing
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Medical and Scientific Content Writing Course Details

                                                                                                                  Certificate Program in Medical and Scientific Content Writing

FAQs for Cliniminds Certificate Program in Medical & Scientific Writing

1. What is the objective of the Certificate Program in Medical & Scientific Writing? 

Ans : The program aims to equip medical academicians and other health sciences professionals with the skills needed to refine research ideas, publish papers, and develop other scientific publications. It seeks to inspire confidence in conducting research and writing scientifically.

2. Who should enroll in this program?

Ans : The course is designed for doctors new to research and publication, professionals involved in medical affairs, pharmaceutical R&D, clinical trials, marketing and branding, and academicians from pharmacy colleges who wish to engage in research or scientific writing.

3. What does the program structure include? 

Ans :The program covers various aspects of medical and scientific writing through 24 sessions, including starting research, literature search, basic statistics, manuscript structure, writing introductions, methods, results, and discussions, abstracts, referencing, data visualization, specialized writing, and more.

4. How is the program delivered? 

Ans :The program offers two modes of delivery: Online Distance Learning and E-Learning with Live Contact Program. The content is accessible online through Cliniminds LMS, with sessions conducted over weekends.

5. What are the qualifications of the faculty?

Ans : The faculty consists of international medical writing experts from Cliniminds, international universities, pharmaceutical companies, and health sciences companies.

6. Is there placement assistance available?

Ans : Yes, the program provides extensive placement support, including pre-placement training, CV pitching, and arranging interviews with the leading companies in the life sciences, pharma, biotechnology, CROs and consulting domain.

7. What certification will I receive upon completion? 

Ans : Participants will receive a Certificate Program in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance from the Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) and a Post Graduate Diploma from Cliniminds, accredited by the USA’s Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education (ACCRE). There is built in Internship Program with the leading CRO for which Internship Completion Certification would be provided upon completion of the program successfully.

8. How long is the program? 

Ans : The duration of the program is 18 weeks, with sessions conducted over the weekend in the E-Learning mode.

9. How is participant assessment conducted? 

Ans : Assessment includes continuous evaluation throughout the course and an end-of-course assessment to ensure fulfillment of learning objectives.

10. How can I pay the fee for the program?

Ans : For Indian students, payment can be made via NEFT bank transfer or cheque. International students can use PayPal, credit/debit cards, or bank transfer through SWIFT.


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